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Portal is one of my favorite places.

Not only for the lovely scenery, but the special people that always make you feel at home.

It's the spot for thousands of birders, hoping to find the Elegant Trogon and other wonderful birds that live in the area.

All of this area, the San Simon Valley, was one big community at the turn of the century. As one of the residents told me, they put the state line in the wrong place and divided up the community. Apache, Paradise, Portal, and Rodeo and other towns were all interdepen-dent on each other much as it is today. Most of the lodging in the area is at Portal and many of the services needed are in Rodeo.

Portal Store and Cafe

The store has a cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no gasoline available in Portal but there some in Animas, NM, 32 miles east.

Portal also offers a Post Office and the Myrtle Kraft Library.